Welcome to South Korea!

South Korea, with its infectious energy and long list of interesting sights and cities, is an exciting country to visit. Bustling cities, ancient temples, coastal resorts, stunning countryside, authentic South Korea hotels, unspoiled fishing villages and endless hiking opportunities are some of its drawcards, with many more off the beaten track for those willing to discover them.Seoul is the most famous city of South Korea and the most popular as well. In fact, the largest city of South Korea, Seoul holds pride of place in the world's top 20 world class cities. It's no surprise then that Seoul is the driving force of the Republic of Korea's (ROK) economy. Seoul is also well known for having hosted the Olympics and is actually the cultural centre of the country. It is also great tourist infrastructure and a number of quality South Korea hotels. The sightseeing list in Seoul is virtually endless, but some recommended places to visit are the National Folk Museum, Namsan Park and the Dongmyo Temple.

Koreans take pride in what they have, and are a very nature-loving people. As a tourist, you will meet locals clad in adventure wear, trekking alongside you on the mountains, narrating a little bit of Korean history as you tread the path upwards.

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Next in line to Seoul is Busan, the second largest city in South Korea. It is a tourist destination in its own right and has on offer pristine beaches with white sands, making it a favoured spot for the tourist during Korea's summer months. It too has some great South Korea hotels and resorts. Apart from the beaches in Busan, you can have a look at one of the tourist resorts in Daegu city. Some tourist spots in Daegu City are Apsan, a mountain with walking trails, a few Buddhist temples, and a Korean War museum. Gondola rides to the mountain peak are also popular with tourists.

If you want to experience South Korea's culture at its best, then Jeju is the place to take a tour in South Korea. Jeju is the face of South Korea's long-practised religious customs, beliefs and other cultures and has not been affected by urbanisation like the other teeming metropolises. For distinctive and exclusive South Korean culture that is still relatively unknown to the outside world, Jeju is your best bet. Another good place to visit is Gyeongju - to get a feel of South Korea's history and a look at its natural scenic beauty.

On the other end of the cultural spectrum of things to see and do in South Korea are the magnificent Korean Temples. Somewhere in the middle are the natural South Korea hotels, resorts and museums. Korean temples are famous for their distinct architecture and offer you a clear glimpse into Korea's mythological history.

South Korea is a very tourist friendly country and offers good value South Korea tours along with quality hotels in South Korea. If you would like to choose your hotel in South Korea based on its location, take a look at our South Korea map.

To sample Korean cuisine, visit the metropolitan city of Gwangju, known for its many restaurants and eateries. Other interesting places to visit are the Songnisan National Park, the Korean War Memorial, Ulleungdo Island and the Seoraksan National Park. South Korea has a teeming party and pub culture, so you can expect to see the locals working hard in the morning and letting their hair down after-hours. You will find plenty discos, pubs, bars and the like - these go to make South Korea's nightlife bright and colourful.

Some of the recommended nightclubs in South Korea are Areno, Boss, Limelight, Chong Hak Dong, JJ Mahoney's and Music Bank. If you want to try your luck at a casino in Seoul, try the Oriental Hotel Casino, Chosun Hotel Casino, Jeju KAL Hotel Casino, Seorak Park Hotel Casino and Paradise Walker Hill Casino. All casinos in South Korea, other than Kangwon Land in Gangwondo, are for foreign nationals only.

Many duty free malls selling clothes, electronic goods, herbs and spices, perfumes, antiques at competitive prices draw tourists in hordes. For quality stuff  at wholesale or bargain rates try Namdaemun - a wholesale market; Shinch'on and Myong-dong for clothes and accessories; Insa-Dong and Changanp'yong for antiques; Koyndang for herbs and spices; Yongsan Electronics Market; Itaewon - a mall; Tongdaemun. known for its great bargains; and Hwangkhak-dong - South Korea's well-known flea market.

If horseracing is your choice of entertainment, head straight to the Seoul Racecourse. Horseracing and lottery are legalised forms of gambling in South Korea. The entry price to the racecourse is a mere 800 won. The racecourse also has a subway station that connects most parts of the rest of the city.

South Korea is a wonderful holiday destination which offers both stunning nature and fascinating cities. Choose from our South Korea hotels and tours in South Korea and let us help you explore this beautiful country!